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Uncategorized Aug 24, 2020

What if you could add something to your videos, like a 'video ingredient'. One that would trigger the YouTube Algorithm resulting in more views?

Get this, there is and it's the thing that so many BIG YouTubers leverage, almost exploit, to crush it on YouTube. Even better, this works across any niche at all and regardless of your experience, or lack their of. 

In truth, there are many of these ‘special ingredients’ that you can leverage to boost your videos CTR metrics and thus views. Some of these 'ingredients' you're already aware of. Like good looks or exceptional results ... those are two powerful ingredients that when incorporated into a video drive more clicks. 

In this image above, notice the 'exceptional result' video. "How I Make $30,000 a Month Blogging". Exceptional results win the click and boost video performance. But, what do you do if you have average looks and results?

You leverage one of these three video ingredients.

  • New
  • Unique
  • Very Different

The power of new is incredible, it’s the thing those big YouTubers leverage again and again to get in front of big audiences. You may have already heard that focusing on new products, services, books ... really anything is powerful. But do you know how to actually incorporate new, different or unique into your videos? 


First we need to walk about How and WHY. That is, how and why it works.

 In order for your video to trigger the algorithm, it needs to accomplish several things, which you can track in YouTube analytics. Leveraging the power of new, unique or different, accomplishing these things is far easier.

Focus on the following three goals:

  1. More Views in the first 72 hours of publishing.
  2. More Watch Time in the first 72 hours of publishing. 
  3. Subscriber gain, aim for 1%. 

Check out the following example images.


More Views


More Watch Time


At this point, the YouTube algorithm can see that an audience (typically subscribers) are enjoying the video. Thus, videos that typically well early with views and watch time are pushed out to a small 'test' audience. This small audience usually is made up of subscribers who don't watch as often and non subscribers. What's important to understand here is that this truly is a test, one that you want to pass (which will result in YouTube recommending the video to an even bigger audience). 

Pass YouTube's Test By Gaining Subscribers


For example, the following video (image below) was published a week ago.

Within days, the video had above average views and watch time and YouTube began pushing out to more and more viewers. In fact, on day four the video had 6,448 views. 

2,879 Not Subscribed Views! 

Even better, 2,879 of those views were from non subscribers. Now, here's the 'catch' ... what's needed to trigger the algorithm is for a small percentage of those 'not subscribed' viewers to subscribe. 

That is confirmation to YouTube that viewer satisfaction is high. Which by the way is the entire focus of the algorithm in 2020 / 2021 and beyond. To identify videos that audiences are satisfied with. 


Hours later, my YouTube analytics update and I was happy to see that on Sunday, August 16th, 2020. The video gained 21 subscribers, the following days and video continued to do well for my channel. In fact, as I write this, the video is beginning to pick up views from the 'youtube suggested' algorithm. 


New / Unique / Different

... and this brings us back to the topics of new, unique and different. Videos that cover new, unique and or different are typically clicked more and watched longer. 


Simple, because these videos cover something the viewer HAS NOT SEEN before. But, is very interested in. For example, if you're reading this. Then you may be interest in cameras. Thus, a video covering a brand new camera may keep you watching longer.

Example from Chris Hau

In the image above, notice the video on 'export settings' gained 9,700 views. Several days later, Chris published a video on the new Sony A7S3, that video gained over 65,000 views. That's ten times the views, based on the power of new! 

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