YouTube Algorithm for Views 2020

Uncategorized Aug 24, 2020

What if you could add something to your videos, like a 'video ingredient'. One that would trigger the YouTube Algorithm resulting in more views?

Get this, there is and it's the thing that so many BIG YouTubers leverage, almost exploit, to crush it on YouTube. Even better, this works across any niche at all and regardless of your experience, or lack their of. 

In truth, there are many of these ‘special ingredients’ that you can leverage to boost your videos CTR metrics and thus views. Some of these 'ingredients' you're already aware of. Like good looks or exceptional results ... those are two powerful ingredients that when incorporated into a video drive more clicks. 

In this image above, notice the 'exceptional result' video. "How I Make $30,000 a Month Blogging". Exceptional results win the click and boost video performance. But, what do you do if you have average looks and results?

You leverage one of these three video...

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