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Trust Funnel

The internet intrigued me and I went all in. The goal was clear, to focus on the absolute most critical elements found in successful online operations.

That’s the ability to drive and convert traffic. I spent my free time learning how to build websites and I studied search engine optimization as well as affiliate marketing.

Today I’ve generated serious results via self publishing, book marketing, affiliate marketing, SEO and by creating my own digital products. You could say, I’ve been content marketer before there was such a thing.

In Trust Funnel: Leverage Today’s Online Currency to Grab Attention, Drive and Convert Traffic, and Live a Fabulous Wealthy Life as well as my upcoming book Tube Ritual I break down, the details and give you a plan of action that’s worked for me as well as countless students. I prefer to think of them of friends.

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Tube Ritual

Brian had no previous YouTube success to draw from and had to learn the myriad of camera settings, editing options, and technical details that often become a roadblock. Furthermore, he did it in a small and competitive niche, the YouTube video marketing niche.

How, you ask? By researching, testing, and tweaking various video growth methods over a one-year period in order to identify why the YouTube algorithm promotes one video over another.

Ultimately, this led to the creation of a video ritual based on his findingsā€•a series of actions according to a prescribed order. More than a mere guide, Tube Ritual is a one-year case study with the goal being to drive more views and convert more viewers into subscribers. For those already creating videos or who want to in the future, Tube Ritual contains detailed, step-by-step information that plain works. From Branding to thumbnails, video structure, YouTube SEO, video calls to action, playlist strategies, channel strategies and more, Tube Ritual leaves no stone unturned.

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